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Everett Dirksen, Redux

A Congressman and Senator from Illinois for over three decades, Everett Dirksen occasionally tried, in the largely-unsuccessful GOP tradition, to hold down government spending.  During debate on a contentious spending bill he is said to have quipped (oozing sarcasm from … Continue reading

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Beware of Greeks Bearing . . . Bonds!

For update of 5/10/2010, see next-to-last para. Greece is in a world of financial hurt that is affecting the world economy.  How it got there is turning into a teachable moment.  ABC News last night (5/5/2010) characterized their plight as … Continue reading

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If Animals Evolve, Can Thinking?

Attention: Texas School Board.  Evolution is real. An article in USA Today (5/4/2010, p. 4D), “Mosquitoes inherit tolerance to DEET” reports that, “When female mosquitoes known to be DEET-insensitive were bred with males whose sensitivity wasn’t known, the proportion of … Continue reading

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