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Washington Works?

I post this in sympathetic reaction to Anson Burlingame’s diatribe, just published in his blog today.  His frustration with “bureaucrats” caused me to dig out of my ancient files a document I find pertinent to the subject.  If you haven’t … Continue reading

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Government Intelligence, An Oxymoron For Sure

The editorial in today’s Globe, “Accountable Intelligence” decries the lack of accountability in America’s intelligence community.  It’s good as far as it goes and it echoes a theme I have posted on often.  In fact, it was one of my … Continue reading

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Social Justice – a Memoir

I am currently reading “Wolf, The Lives of Jack London” by James L. Haley, the latest and likely the best of London’s biographies.  Besides being the story of a famous author it has much to say about the social economics … Continue reading

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What Were They Drinking?

I recently mentioned to an acquaintance that I had begun blogging in various subjects, including politics.  His instant response was to ask, “Are you conservative or liberal?”  It seems that in his mind that context needed to be established as … Continue reading

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Honor Bound?

A recent posting by Anson Burlingame, Captain, USN (Ret.) about an honor issue at the U. S. Naval Academy prompts me to discuss it, but in a broader context.  Anson’s post, “Another Senior Officer in Trouble” is HERE. It is … Continue reading

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Cruising in a Stratified Recession

Before I was retired my wife and I went on vacation as a break from our working routine.  It seems only natural to seek contrast.  Looking back, our vacations seem more frenetic than relaxing, especially considering the kid-oriented stuff.  Now … Continue reading

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