Good Enough To Gobble

Turkey Creek Trail, the newest addition to Joplin’s trail system was a pleasant surprise to us.  Only

a quarter mile south of our little development here in Waters Edge it is like a rural chunk of Ozark mountain scenery transplanted inside the city limits.  You are no sooner on the pleasant asphalt walking surface than the city is lost to view among the towering greenery.

The asphalt winds gently up and down leafy terrain at just the right pitch forpleasant walking.  The foliage is mostly tall native oaks.  The fauna include

deer and real wild turkeys, as seen in the Joplin Globe article last week.  (I saw turkeys right in our development 3 weeks ago, and we see deer here pretty often.)

I thought I would take a few pictures and post them for those of you who might

have missed the article or who are not aware of this outstanding free (federal-tax-funded) benefit here in our little corner of the world.  If this is the sticks, we’re lovin’ it.  So far we have only walked the segment from Florida Avenue to St. Louis Avenue near the Tamko plant.

The lady is my wife, Mollie and her guard-dog is our Yorkie, Winston.  I took the pictures at high resolution – hope they come out OK.

About Jim Wheeler

U. S. Naval Academy, BS, Engineering, 1959; Naval line officer and submariner, 1959 -1981, Commander, USN; The George Washington U., MSA, Management Eng.; Aerospace Engineer, 1981-1999; Resident Gadfly, 1999 - present. Political affiliation: Democratic.
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1 Response to Good Enough To Gobble

  1. ansonburlingame says:

    Jim and Mollie,

    I agree with the sentiments above and applaud the City’s efforts to build the trail system. Bringing them all together into a “hub” downtown as a further step is a great idea to me as well.


    12 years ago I began to come to Joplin to date my future wife. The western end of the now Turkey Creek Trail (near the low water bridge on Murphey Blvd) was the only part of that “trail” at the time. Janet and I walked it occasionally with her dog.

    I immediately named that area “Shit Creek”. Toilet paper, garbage, the detrius for everything east of that “trail” was hanging from tree limbs all along the “trail” from previous high water events. I never saw any effort to clean it up. AND it is still that way to some degree.

    Bureaucracy still works quite well. “It’s not my job” supports such bureaucracy, even with good intentions.



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