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A Medical Hobson’s Choice

In a post titled Ice Bergs and Ice Cubes last week I expressed my opinion that healthcare is at the core of America’s financial crisis, and that the profession of doctor is being corrupted by the medical industrial complex through the … Continue reading

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Memetically Yours

The modern theory of information embodies an old concept, that information packets or patterns often take on a kind of life on their own through a process of imitation.  Robert Oxton Bolton (1572-1631) said: A belief is not merely an … Continue reading

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Ice Bergs and Ice Cubes

The financial crisis in healthcare dwarfs all other federal budget problems.  It is an iceberg, and the ship of state is headed right for it.  The ACA does not do enough to rein in medical costs that continue to outpace … Continue reading

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Got Gas Pain? Try This Tax Pill.

In today’s Joplin Globe (5/8/11) guest columnist Don Ray  voices complaints about gasoline prices that is sure to resonate with readers.  The price per gallon is almost $4 and there are no projections in sight for anything less than about $3.50 … Continue reading

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Now Let Us Sing Together

The assassination of Osama bin Laden has occasioned celebrations throughout the United States.  Such celebrations of our enemy’s violent death erupted in Washington, D.C. and at Ground Zero in New York, complete with singing and flag-waving – a cathartic outburst … Continue reading

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Sledge Hammers and Fly Swatters

George Will usually will not use a simple word when a larger one is available, but in his column today he heads directly into common sense and becomes the first (so far as I can tell) to draw a significant strategic … Continue reading

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Movies For Grownups

Mollie and I find most movie reviews unreliable.  The cause perhaps is that the movie industry increasingly caters to the younger crowd who spend more freely on movie fare.  Youth is also more attracted to scripts for romantic comedies and … Continue reading

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