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A Cautionary Tale of Two Religions

The evening television news has of late been reporting on a massive migration of refugees out of the warring regions of Libya, Syria, and Somalia into Europe. A van filled with some 50 dead bodies of men, women and children … Continue reading

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Reality Show Becomes Nightmare

As a reborn Democrat I often get cognitive dissonance trying to reconcile the news with the GOP party line.  A good example of this is an article in USA the Today news section entitled, As construction heats up, so does worker … Continue reading

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My Visit With Galloping Gertie

Originally posted on How I See It:
One of the teaching units I enjoyed most in my physics classroom was on wave motions. Almost everything is capable of some sort of waving motion, or oscillation. The motions come in a wide range…

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It’s Not US, It’s THEM!

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You probably can’t tell from my blog posts, but I love words.  I love the sound of them, the feel of them in my mouth and at my fingertips.  How changing just one word can transform…

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