10 Reactions To Joe Biden’s Decision Not To Run For President

Another hilarious list from X. Aside from pure humor, it occurs to me how modern political news coverage is essential to public understanding that powerful people are ever so human. Well done, X!

List of X

A rare photo of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden engaged in the White House Whitest Smile contest. Image source: Wikipedia A rare photo of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden engaged in the White House’s Whitest Smile contest.
Image source: Wikipedia

The 2016 presidential election campaign has been in full swing for the last several months, with dozens of officially declared candidates (mostly Republican). And while there is some serious competition in the Republican primary, most of the intrigue in the Democratic primary stemmed from the question whether sitting Vice President Joe Biden will declare himself as a candidate or not. For the last several months, this question was subject to intense speculation, until finally this Wednesday, Biden has officially announced that he is not running. Here are 10 reactions to Joe Biden’s decision.

1)  Barack Obama:  “I think Joe made a right decision. The country, and I, need him here, in Washington, doing his job – sitting in a locked office and waiting for me to drop dead.”


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3 Responses to 10 Reactions To Joe Biden’s Decision Not To Run For President

  1. When Biden was contemplating a run, I was curious to know what our organizational chart provided for the possibility that he would resign as VP to concentrate on his campaign. Would that make Boehner the VP? Or Paul Ryan? It was a passing curiosity – I could probably find the answer by reading the constitution.

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    • Jim Wheeler says:

      Good question, Helen. I had to look it up myself. The 25th Amendment, adopted February 10, 1967, addresses the issue. Here’s what I found:

      Prior to the Twenty-fifth Amendment’s adoption, a Vice Presidential vacancy remained until the start of the next presidential term. The Vice Presidency has been vacant several times due to death, resignation, or succession to the Presidency. Often these vacancies lasted for several years.

      Under Section 2, whenever there is a vacancy in the office of Vice President, the President nominates a successor who becomes Vice President if confirmed by a majority vote of both Houses of the Congress.

      However, all that said, I know of nothing that would have required Biden to resign his day job in order to run. I recall some article or other saying that it would be a financial hurdle for Joe because, as a candidate, he would have to fund travel expenses for Air Force 2.

      Um. Can you imagine trying to get confirmation on any VP candidate out of this Congress? If Obama nominated Jesus himself, I doubt if He would make it,


  2. That was my thought exactly, as soon as I read “if confirmed by …” We’d be w/o a VP for another year and two months. And then of course if something happened to our president, the top job I guess would go to the speaker skipping the VP .. sometimes I think we’re in for another revolution. I’m reminded of the oft-quoted, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

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