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As a retired military officer I note with both interest and alarm that our armed forces are becoming ever more top-heavy and expensive. A USA Today front-page article says that pension benefits are now so lavish that some of the … Continue reading

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Childhood Memoirs of Pearl Harbor

On that infamous day, December 7, 1941, I was almost 5 years old and my wife Mollie was almost 4. One doesn’t usually remember much from such an age and yet we both do because it was a time of … Continue reading

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Speaking Of War

Speaking of war, here are some recent news leads to ponder: “Nearly 20 percent of the more than 2 million troops who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from mental health conditions, according to a new report.” “The Navy … Continue reading

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Our Kind of Soldier

Twenty-three year old Dakota Meyer is unusual in that he was awarded the Medal of Honor despite having disobeyed orders. Meyer, as most people know by now, is the first living MOH winner since the Vietnam war. The disobedience came … Continue reading

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Navy Coffin Nails

Our hometown newspaper, the Joplin Globe, has a Sunday feature that I increasingly like.  Called “Forum”, it examines contentious issues and usually presents positions on both sides.  This is good journalism.  It not only sells papers but encourages the public … Continue reading

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Sledge Hammers and Fly Swatters

George Will usually will not use a simple word when a larger one is available, but in his column today he heads directly into common sense and becomes the first (so far as I can tell) to draw a significant strategic … Continue reading

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An Affair To Remember

The Libyan Affair continues to evolve.  I believe it to be an historic precedent in warfare, but whether for good or bad is yet unclear.  But whatever the outcome I am resigned that here in the continuing nuclear age some … Continue reading

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Zooming In On Libya

Since you are reading this on a computer it is likely that you have experienced Google Earth, a marvelous way to zoom in or out on just about any geographic point in the world.  The first time I tried it … Continue reading

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The Quiet Price of Advice

One common thread running through my prior post and the comments thereto, the one on using the Passport Card to better control our borders, is the issue of “privacy”.  Discussing such concerns invariably raises the question of motivation for such … Continue reading

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A Cultural Journey

The persistence of the USS Enterprise scandal as a public topic is evidence that there is something profound in it, something that goes beyond the job assignment at its heart.  In my opinion that something is the changing nature of … Continue reading

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