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The Isle of Freedom

About 160 years ago, even as the Industrial Revolution was getting underway, a monumental and historic economic catastrophe occurred across the sea in Ireland. Like a slow motion train wreck, predictable and terrible in its effects, failure finally came to … Continue reading

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Said The Tortoise to the Hare

Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks? Last fall I got tired of listing to my iPod playlist while working out at the Y and learned to download pod-casts to listen to. My favorites include Car Talk, Garrison Keillor, … Continue reading

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Overreacting In Tornado Alley

Have you noticed?  Government tends to become overprotective when public safety is the issue. I am all for reasonable efforts but there is an ongoing campaign in Joplin Missouri now that is over the top and misguided, in my opinion. … Continue reading

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Tornado Accounting

By now I think just about every news junkie in the United States associates Joplin Missouri with tornadoes. Our local newspaper, the Joplin Globe, has finally published a roundup of something I’ve been waiting for ever since our town was … Continue reading

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Confessions of an Amateur Tax-preparer

Not long after I retired from my civilian job I was looking for a pastime activity that would keep my brain active and I decided to try being a volunteer tax preparer with the organization, VITA. It has always seemed … Continue reading

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Shooting For The Moon

I am dismayed to see how the GOP is imploding in the recent candidate debates. It is the most interesting development in politics that I can remember. The wide variance among the four candidates is amazing, from this healthcare issue … Continue reading

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What Role, Government?

When human beings were hunter-gatherers living in small tribes, life was simple.  There was no need for the concept of money and possessions were limited to what one could carry – tools, weapons, animal skins, maybe some crockery. This state … Continue reading

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The Voting Majority

George Will is not my favorite columnist, but I do like to read his commentary. If one can get past his pedantic vocabulary there is always actual reasoning that bears consideration. George never uses a small word when a large … Continue reading

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The Misunderstood Public Option

I was verbally jousting about health care on another blog recently when a commenter challenged my support for the Public Option. He charged that the PO would not reduce costs, that is unless I intended it to entail “rationing”. Surely, … Continue reading

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Problem Productivity

When I recently delved into the problem of productivity, i.e., producing more with fewer people, the Erstwhile Conservative, Duane Graham, produced a survey of the literature in a remarkably short period of time, one which indicates that many smart people … Continue reading

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