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The Naked Truth

In Saturday’s Joplin Globe (11/20/10) columnist Jay Ambrose says he has a problem with how the U.S. is handling anti-terrorism security, and I agree with him.  He sensibly points out that the new screening methods for airline passengers are controversial … Continue reading

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American Dream, Dismal Science

Economics is sometimes called “The Dismal Science”, and for good reason.  One president, Harry S Truman, kept getting evasive and contradictory advice from an economist who kept offering alternatives with his advice.  After almost every assertion the professor would then … Continue reading

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When Government Shines

“Time To Get Your Flu Shot”, a news item, caught my eye on the internet today.  Huh?  Seems too early, but I have noticed drug-store signs about vaccinations around town lately.  The AP item explains that the vaccine is stronger … Continue reading

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Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!

The issue of the Stolen Valor Act of 2005 deserves to rank on the emotional scale with that of locating the Islamic Center near 9/11 Ground Zero.  The conviction of a man who pled guilty of falsely claiming to have … Continue reading

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Fairness and Resentment

Much of the angst in the nation and the world concerns fairness, or alternatively, JUSTICE.  This can be a complicated subject in philosophy and much has been written about it in every conceivable context.  I here list some of the … Continue reading

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Way, Way Too Much

A magazine article about the frequency of military deployments caught my eye with a fact I had not known:  “. . . many combat units have been deployed to war zones every other year for almost a decade.” I knew … Continue reading

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Washington Works?

I post this in sympathetic reaction to Anson Burlingame’s diatribe, just published in his blog today.  His frustration with “bureaucrats” caused me to dig out of my ancient files a document I find pertinent to the subject.  If you haven’t … Continue reading

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