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Graybeard Reflections

One of the benefits of retirement is having the time and inclination to reflect on the human condition.  When I was still working life was pretty much a cycle of work-related concerns interwoven with welcome family time.  Entertainment and sleep … Continue reading

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Money and Human Behavior

According to an article in the paper today, with heating bills coming to some $150 million a year Queen Elizabeth II had some of her minions casting about for some additional funds to help heat her drafty old palaces.  Says … Continue reading

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When I Grow Up . . .

USA Today has a feature that delivers little data mints that occasionally flavor one’s taste for our changing culture.  It’s called, “Snapshots”, and features opinion polls and other samplings.  In the 9/21/10 edition it was “‘Dream Jobs’ that top our … Continue reading

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What’s A Sheepskin Worth, Anyway?

A college education is one of life’s largest expenses and probably the biggest source of personal debt next to houses.  The costs are all over the board and generally greater for private schools than public.  Just out of curiosity and … Continue reading

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Tribal Justice and Immigration

Illegal immigration is of course a current hot topic.  The nation is in a quandary over the issue, particularly since the passing of the new Arizona law which is now on a track that seems certain to end at the … Continue reading

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Social Justice – a Memoir

I am currently reading “Wolf, The Lives of Jack London” by James L. Haley, the latest and likely the best of London’s biographies.  Besides being the story of a famous author it has much to say about the social economics … Continue reading

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Cruising in a Stratified Recession

Before I was retired my wife and I went on vacation as a break from our working routine.  It seems only natural to seek contrast.  Looking back, our vacations seem more frenetic than relaxing, especially considering the kid-oriented stuff.  Now … Continue reading

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