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Make America What Again?

Prime among the apparent reasons for the political ascent of the phenomenon of Donald Trump is his theme of “Make America Great Again.” This has captured a populist revulsion for the ethnic and cultural changes that have been trending for … Continue reading

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Artistic Genius?

I don’t get it.  I just don’t.  My inner curmudgeon demands expression. The artist formerly and lately known as Prince is being hailed, almost universally it seems, as a musical genius.  Admittedly, I’ve only listened to samples randomly encountered, but … Continue reading

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A Food Memoir

What do people eat? Seems like a fair question to me, right up there with the now-popular Parade Magazine cover story that appears regularly, asking “What Do People Earn?” Food is perennially popular as a topic. Consider the rumpus kicked … Continue reading

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Politics and Culture

I was motivated to think about politics, culture and the human condition this morning by two seemingly unrelated news items. Joplin’s Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School is a small, expensive private el-hi, attended for the most part by the children … Continue reading

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On War

Why do we call it the War on Terror? This “conflict” is very different from the other “wars” in America’s history. So, I decided to make a list of the qualities that I think make it different from the others: … Continue reading

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A Memoir of Dreams

There is an old saying: “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.” It means of course that, like the butterfly story embedded in chaos theory, small changes in one’s youth can profoundly affect later behavior. Apropos of this … Continue reading

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What’s It All About?

My current study interest is economics, so here is an economics question for you.  Is there “good” economic activity as opposed to “bad”?  Does the quality of economic activity matter?  As the “wealthiest” nation in the world, are we getting … Continue reading

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Flip That Bank!

In political blogging about the Great Recession it is a common thread to find someone or something to blame.  Amidst all the mud-slinging and counter-arguing the easiest thing for the beleaguered voter to do is to blame the president.  He … Continue reading

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American Dream, Dismal Science

Economics is sometimes called “The Dismal Science”, and for good reason.  One president, Harry S Truman, kept getting evasive and contradictory advice from an economist who kept offering alternatives with his advice.  After almost every assertion the professor would then … Continue reading

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Devolution of Culture?

Grammar, spelling and pronunciation have declined in American culture, and the change is accelerating. Does it matter? Continue reading

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