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Most people are familiar with how life insurance works. Accountants and executives devise contracts and using statistics, they bet you live, at least until they break even. And if they can improve on your chances of living longer than average, … Continue reading

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A Simple Picture

Trying to make sense of economics, the dismal science, is a pretty thankless task, especially with the sharp political divide in Washington and the myriad ways of expressing statistics. Nevertheless, with the Great Recession and stubbornly high unemployment, economics is … Continue reading

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An Historic Failure

My conservative blogging colleague, Anson Burlingame, called my attention to an article in todays Washington Post, Origins of the debt showdown. I did find it “instructive”, as he suggested I would. It is a good chronology of how Tea Party … Continue reading

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Hidden On A Rock

A cruise can be both relaxing and informative. Mollie and I have been fortunate since our retirement to be able to afford a few cruises, including, just lately, to Bermuda, out of New York City where we sailed past Lady … Continue reading

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Hey Doc, Is There A Generic For This?

What is the most profitable of all industries in the country?  Before I looked it up I might have said electronics or movies, or maybe even computer games.  But no, I won’t keep you in suspense, Dear Reader.  It is … Continue reading

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The Blame Game

  The contentious debate in Washington over raising the debt ceiling causes me to wonder anew about why capable people would want to be politicians.  Ego has to be a huge part of it, from my observations, but every once … Continue reading

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Into The Abyss

A balanced but alarming Time Magazine  editorial led off saying today, As the U.S. hurtles toward a potential debt-limit default that would shake the fragile economy, the chasm between the two parties widened on Tuesday, as Republican opposition to tax increases … Continue reading

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