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A Remarkable Admission

I have always had the utmost respect for the Marines, and even more so when I was Executive Officer of the Naval ROTC Unit at the University of Kansas, that being the closest affiliation I had with them in my … Continue reading

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Pork Chop Hill

It’s the same old story. What justifies war? Was it worth the blood and treasure? What constitutes “winning” a war – how do you define that? When is it really over? Well, it depends on who you ask and when … Continue reading

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The Majority of the Majority Rules

Think you pretty well know the rules by which Congress works to pass legislation? I thought I did, but I learned on an NPR pod-cast this week that the Republicans adopted three new ones following their sweep of the House … Continue reading

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A Spender’s Memoir

Consumers know that it is psychologically easier to spend with plastic than it is with cash.  Cash seems more real, does it not?  Why is that?  I would say that the difference is the time factor.  With cash, the money … Continue reading

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Zooming In On Libya

Since you are reading this on a computer it is likely that you have experienced Google Earth, a marvelous way to zoom in or out on just about any geographic point in the world.  The first time I tried it … Continue reading

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Tilting At Wordmills

Two fine articles in Sunday’s (1/16/11) Joplin Globe about Mark Twain and his Huckleberry Finn controversy over the “n” word now have the windmills of my mind in a whirl. Words. What power they have, and what danger they hold.  … Continue reading

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A State of Denial, in Haiku

The book “State of Denial” by Bob Woodward, the story of the George W. Bush presidency and the Iraq war, is one of the most remarkable histories I have ever read. It is a work of great effort and meticulous, … Continue reading

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Obama’s Wars, A Book Report

Bob Woodward’s book is the most remarkable non-fiction work on politics and war that I have ever read. In this remarkable narrative filled with direct quotes and statements backed by documented sources President Obama comes through as a strong leader … Continue reading

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Face Of The Enemy

Has the nature of “war” changed?  Is “war” different now from what it was in WWII?  Is patriotism always “good”?  When a nation goes to war with selfish intent, to what extent are its citizens complicit?  These are important questions … Continue reading

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