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Trump U

It is clear to me, this far into the primary election season, that it is no longer possible to get much substance out of most candidates. However, humor abounds. I just wanted to share with you, dear reader, an insightful … Continue reading

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Channelling my inner Andy Rooney, it seems to me that the messier and more contentious our politics gets, the bigger the egos. Hubris has been on full display lately. Don’t the names Newt Gingrich and Donal Trump resonate with that? … Continue reading

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The Chocolate Sinks

Some things you just don’t expect to fail, but there she was Sunday evening, just doing her usual magic in the kitchen when the unexpected happened. She was moving the high swiveling spout on the kitchen faucet from one side … Continue reading

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An Economic Conversation

Having been inspired by my recent trip into the past in the time machine left to me by my distant ancestor, Dr. Wells, I recently resolved to test its functions for traveling into the Floyd’s house was a modest, well, … Continue reading

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A Political Conversation

I was talking with my acquaintance in Washington, Brady Flaxseed. Say, Brady, what do you think of the new president? Well, I tell ya Jim, he’s got a lot of people worried around here. Uh, what do you mean by … Continue reading

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Some Assembly Required

For my 6-year-old grandson’s birthday we bought him a basketball hoop.  Kiefer is naturally coordinated and we thought it would be practically a necessity to get him one.  A trip to our large, 24-hour-sell-everything-retail-store revealed half a dozen different models … Continue reading

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