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I Was Just Following Orders, Judge

Immigration is one of the prime issues of our time and has only been made more prominent by the humanitarian crisis of foreign children, many unaccompanied, pouring over our southern border in the last few years. I have been struck … Continue reading

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Executive Power

We are living in politically dangerous times, what with critical fiscal decisions now log-jammed in the Congressional divide, but they are politically interesting times as well. Symbolic of this is conservative outrage over President Obama’s use of the Executive Order … Continue reading

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Shooting For The Moon

I am dismayed to see how the GOP is imploding in the recent candidate debates. It is the most interesting development in politics that I can remember. The wide variance among the four candidates is amazing, from this healthcare issue … Continue reading

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The Elusive Palace of Wisdom

Perhaps this would be a good time to summarize the many roots of America’s financial malaise.  While most pundits bemoan its symptoms, they tend to shun its root causes.  Symptoms include the high costs of gasoline, air fares, baggage fees, … Continue reading

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Tribal Justice and Immigration

Illegal immigration is of course a current hot topic.  The nation is in a quandary over the issue, particularly since the passing of the new Arizona law which is now on a track that seems certain to end at the … Continue reading

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