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Give A Gift, Save A Life

I just can’t help but admire good ideas, so I am motivated to update one such that I blogged on a year or two ago. It is WeatherCall.  (Disclaimer:  I have received nothing whatsoever for plugging this service.) If you’re … Continue reading

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A Memoir of Permanent Change

An EF 5 tornado, one of the strongest on record, struck my home town a year ago on a Sunday evening, May 22 at about 5:30 PM.  Its path was only a couple of miles south of our house.  I … Continue reading

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Little Things Mean A Lot

In reading my morning Joplin Globe my eye was caught by two seemingly unrelated articles, subjects I later realized had a certain aspect of human nature in common. Most readers will recall that Joplin Missouri was hit by a record-breaking EF-5 tornado … Continue reading

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Overreacting In Tornado Alley

Have you noticed?  Government tends to become overprotective when public safety is the issue. I am all for reasonable efforts but there is an ongoing campaign in Joplin Missouri now that is over the top and misguided, in my opinion. … Continue reading

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Tornado Accounting

By now I think just about every news junkie in the United States associates Joplin Missouri with tornadoes. Our local newspaper, the Joplin Globe, has finally published a roundup of something I’ve been waiting for ever since our town was … Continue reading

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That’s The Way It Is

All too often newspaper commentary is banal, predictable and light on originality, so when I find a column that is none of those things I think it is worth some attention.  Investigative reporter and journalism teacher Max McCoy (whose picture … Continue reading

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Is Economic Clarity an Oxymoron?

As the nation struggles to emerge from the worst recession since the Great Depression, the issues are becoming harder for politicians to ignore and the 2012 election is shaping up to be one of the most meaningful that I can … Continue reading

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Rebuilding Joplin

I am offering this post in answer to a number of inquiries about helping out financially or otherwise with the aftermath of Joplin’s tornado disaster. I have posted before about concerns that many charities are inefficient.  The Red Cross was given … Continue reading

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Old Dogs and Weather Tricks

It was the late 1970’s and I was standing on our front porch in Lawrence, Kansas, watching two small tornadoes dance across the landscape south of town a few miles away.  Mollie was yelling for me to come down to … Continue reading

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Textbook Irony

A recent blog post by Anson Burlingame discussed how our public schools are doing a poor job of teaching children the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic.  He is well qualified to address the issue because he has done substitute … Continue reading

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