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On Forks In The Road

NPR is commonly considered to have a liberal bias, but having of late listened to many of its products I would now disagree. Of course, that might have something to do with a drift politically leftward, but I prefer to … Continue reading

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Open Wide and Say, AHA!

Few events in American life are more controversial than healthcare reform, the Affordable Care Act, also known as “ObamaCare”. The prejudice against it from the right has been so intense and prolonged that the mere term became a pejorative on … Continue reading

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It’s Only “Biddness”

Evolution is a systems phenomenon that applies to more than mere biology. Noted evolutionary biologist E. O. Wilson postulated that it even applies to culture. Last week I noticed that it applies to the media as well. I’m talking about … Continue reading

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Rational Politics?

Today I heard a podcast on economics that was a followup to one I did some weeks ago. Recall if you will when the NPR guys got a half dozen different economists, liberal, conservative, libertarian, together and asked them for … Continue reading

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Political Confirmation Bias

My hate email is increasing in both volume and intensity as the campaign enters its season of denouement. Amid the rest of it today I got a personal email from a senior retired Navy officer who apparently can’t restrain his … Continue reading

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Inside Big Money

Being naturally skeptical and impulsively contrary, my suspicions are aroused by secrecy, something that abounds in a new Vanity Fair article about candidate Mitt Romney’s finances. I am indebted to fellow blogger Pied Type for bringing to my attention the … Continue reading

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An Historical Paradigm

The Erstwhile Conservative has written an interesting post about an aspect of Mitt Romney’s character as revealed by his failures to correct unfair disparagements of his rival during political gatherings. A woman in one incident accused President Obama of “treason”. … Continue reading

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Mitt and Me, a Jazz Age Comparison

I’ve been thinking about money lately. Well, that’s not quite right.  Said more accurately, about the wealthy. There’s been a a lot of talk of course about the 1% versus the 99% and the growing income gulf between the haves … Continue reading

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Three Yards And A Cloud Of Dust

What I’ve always liked about David Gergen is his clarity of thinking, something that also leads to clarity of writing.  He is always rational and it’s clear that he strives to be as non-partisan as possible, characteristics that  have made … Continue reading

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