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Odd thoughts go through my head: Woodrow Wilson’s enemy was the Kaiser Herbert Hoover’s enemy was economics FDR’s enemies were the axis powers HST’s enemy was communism Ike’s enemy was the USSR LBJ’s enemy was arrogance Nixon’s enemy was himself … Continue reading

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Last Sunday a local columnist here in Joplin, one Geoff Caldwell, wrote that Senate Democrats had dishonored all on the 9/11 anniversary, and that includes all the war dead from ” . . . Valley Forge to Vicksburg, Bastogne to … Continue reading

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What Color Am I Today?

Today’s Joplin Globe carries Gene Lyons’ column, as it often does.  In it he comments on verbal sniping by “the right” because half of all households pay no income tax (headline).  He calls the snipers’ complaints, “hypocritical”, and he makes … Continue reading

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