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Working – A Memoir

Fellow blogger Indiana Jen called my attention to a Smithsonian article  about a famous photograph, “Men at Lunch”. It was taken in 1932 New York City 850 feet above the street, long before anyone ever thought of OSHA. Although the iconic … Continue reading

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Stayin’ Awake

News of seven air controllers falling asleep on the job recently causes me to reflect on my sleep-deprived Navy career.  Going with too little sleep is par for the course in the Navy, part necessity and part tradition.  Running a … Continue reading

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Uncle Sam’s Protection Racket

George Will, that persistently pedantic pundit of politics, now chooses in today’s Joplin Globe (3/14/11) to peruse the constitutionality of mandatory health insurance, i.e., the Affordable healthCare Act, a.k.a., ObamaCare.  I enjoy watching George on television, but his writing, not … Continue reading

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A Message From Your Dutch Uncle

Two things motivate me to expand on the idea that fixing medical care is the key to our financial woes.  One is that despite all my words, even some of my blog correspondents do not understand the central concept of what … Continue reading

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Accountability in America has been in decline for decades and the decline appears to be accelerating. Examples abound. On December 9 it was announced that 5 TSA (federal) employees, all unnamed, were placed on administrative leave (i.e., with pay) because … Continue reading

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