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A Stock Tip For The Science-minded

Last Sunday I saw a new CBS 60 Minutes segment about how the Earth’s supply of fresh water is being rapidly depleted. This might seem to be a non-problem, but it isn’t. Then, today I read on a blog by … Continue reading

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A Choice: Skepticism or Dogma?

A news item today presents a useful example of the difference between science and religion, something that continues to confuse many people. The announcement, confirming that the oldest fragment of the early Earth is 4.4 billion years old, is based … Continue reading

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A Message From Your Dutch Uncle

Two things motivate me to expand on the idea that fixing medical care is the key to our financial woes.  One is that despite all my words, even some of my blog correspondents do not understand the central concept of what … Continue reading

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Ultimate Genealogy

To me, one of the great joys of life is the present availability of information.  The refinement of objective information through scientific collaboration and competition has converged with the internet to provide unprecedented access.  In a variety of fields such … Continue reading

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A mere 5 centuries ago, which is one-quarter of one percent of the time we humans have been around as a species, humanity was just emerging from the Dark Ages.  That was a time of incredible ignorance, superstition, disease and … Continue reading

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Mere Humans

(This article is being submitted for publication in the Joplin Globe.) Mr. Riley T. Jay in Sunday’s (5/16/2010) Globe guest editorial takes issue with the reality of the whole “global-warming notion.”  He states that modern society has a “. . … Continue reading

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If Animals Evolve, Can Thinking?

Attention: Texas School Board.  Evolution is real. An article in USA Today (5/4/2010, p. 4D), “Mosquitoes inherit tolerance to DEET” reports that, “When female mosquitoes known to be DEET-insensitive were bred with males whose sensitivity wasn’t known, the proportion of … Continue reading

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Blown Away By A Book?

I have always been a bookworm.  If you are a bibliophile too, you will probably want to read further, because this is about a book that is a truly exceptional achievement. Sixty years ago, when I was in the 7th … Continue reading

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