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What’s Wrong With Obama?

Bashing president Obama is a popular pastime these days. On the Erstwhile Conservative’s blog, commenter Anson Burlingame recently blamed him personally for the current political divide in the Congress and in the country as a whole. One short paragraph summed … Continue reading

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Just Gimme The Latest and Greatest, Doc!

  Most Americans, I submit, believe that our medical system is not only the world’s most expensive but also the world’s best.  When we have a problem we want the latest and best test, medicine, and procedure.  Would it surprise … Continue reading

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Health: A Caring Business?

In a guest column for the Joplin Globe (1/30/2011) Anson Burlingame discusses the financial ramifications of the end-of-life issue as it bears on MediCare and taxpayers.  In my opinion he does a good job in summing up the problem but … Continue reading

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