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A Political Conversation

I was talking with my acquaintance in Washington, Brady Flaxseed. Say, Brady, what do you think of the new president? Well, I tell ya Jim, he’s got a lot of people worried around here. Uh, what do you mean by … Continue reading

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Way, Way Too Much

A magazine article about the frequency of military deployments caught my eye with a fact I had not known:  “. . . many combat units have been deployed to war zones every other year for almost a decade.” I knew … Continue reading

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Honor Bound?

A recent posting by Anson Burlingame, Captain, USN (Ret.) about an honor issue at the U. S. Naval Academy prompts me to discuss it, but in a broader context.  Anson’s post, “Another Senior Officer in Trouble” is HERE. It is … Continue reading

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Whither Thy Course, O Ship of State?

I for one feel a little less alone on the issue of Afghanistan now, reading George Will in today’s Globe (6/24/2010).  He even used the phrase, “Viet Nam redux”.  He also said, “The American undertaking in Afghanistan is a fool’s … Continue reading

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