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Fungible Follies

It appeared to be an “aha” moment, confirmation that the welfare system is corrupt and out of control.  Somebody bought steak and lobster with food stamps.  Snopes confirms that it’s true.  It happened in Michigan last February. The good news is … Continue reading

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Wisdom and Tough Love

Anson Burlingame’s latest post, “Intoxicated by Government”,  prompts me to reply with a post of my own, wherein I can access more writing tools than on just a comment. Anson addresses the age-old conundrum of the relationship between the government … Continue reading

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Social Justice – a Memoir

I am currently reading “Wolf, The Lives of Jack London” by James L. Haley, the latest and likely the best of London’s biographies.  Besides being the story of a famous author it has much to say about the social economics … Continue reading

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