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Kip Complainer

Currently making the rounds of the TV networks is one Kip Hawley, former TSA Administrator from 2005 until January, 2009. He’s pushing his short new co-written book that complains about (what else?) the TSA. In a recent op-ed for the … Continue reading

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Open Wide For A Preview

If, as anticipated, the Supreme Court rules the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional, then according to experts there is a real possibility that the entire healthcare system will be thrown into financial chaos. Why? An NPR report says, One reason is … Continue reading

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Said Butch Cassidy to the Sundance Kid

As is my wont of late I was listening to a pod-cast at the gym this morning and to my astonishment I heard an economist opine some of the same things I’ve been saying about the budget and debt crises. … Continue reading

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The Role of Government

I am indebted to blogger Pied Type for bringing to our attention a NYTimes article about how president Obama has increased the use of executive power in the last two years.  It’s a good article.  It covers the history of … Continue reading

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“Life turns on a dime.” – Stephen King, in “11/22/63” Mollie and I had been looking forward to reading King’s new novel ever since it came out last year, but we decided to delay until we could read it together … Continue reading

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Echoes of War Evolved

Knowledge in all academic fields progresses incrementally, building on past achievements. This is probably most evident in science and engineering, but occasionally it happens with history too, giving us new insights about the past. Blogger Indian Jen has posted this: (emphasis … Continue reading

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