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What Is Religious Freedom?

The Supreme Court has ruled that Maine cannot exclude religious schools from tuition assistance programs. In dissent, Justice Sotomayor said, “As a result, in just a few years, the Court has upended constitutional doctrine, shifting from a rule that permits … Continue reading

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Good Journalism about Guns

Following up the last post on guns, here is an article from the New Yorker, How Did Guns Get So Powerful. It blew me away with its clarity and research. Herb Van Fleet’s research in the previous post was outstanding … Continue reading

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A Cautionary Tale

My neighbor Wayne L. is a stalwart member of our neighborhood-watch group and when he invited me over for a brewski the other day I asked him what he thought about the recent spate of mass-shootings. Now Wane is no … Continue reading

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With attribution

Originally posted on Serenity is a fuzzy belly:
No need to get all fancy with a quill. But please, if you handwrite your letter, it must be legible to sober people who aren’t related to you. And if you send…

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