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What does science have to say about man’s tendency to violence? That is the subject of the latest episode of PBS’s NOVA program. Surprisingly, someone has found a way to quantify episodes of violence throughout history by statistical analysis of … Continue reading

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How’s Your Mood Today, Mr. President?

  Every year, at least one intercontinental ballistic missile is launched thousands of miles from a United States submarine to an instrumented area in the ocean. The purpose of this is to test the reliability of the complete system, including … Continue reading

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Torture, By Any Other Name . . .

George F. Will, a columnist who arguably loves words too much, has written persuasively on the nomenclature of “enhanced interrogation techniques” which are central to the plot of a current movie, Zero Dark Thirty now playing in theaters, a movie … Continue reading

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A Medical Hobson’s Choice

In a post titled Ice Bergs and Ice Cubes last week I expressed my opinion that healthcare is at the core of America’s financial crisis, and that the profession of doctor is being corrupted by the medical industrial complex through the … Continue reading

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An Infernal Development

I don’t think I ever believed in hell.  When I was young I didn’t think much about dying, but religion did interest me.  I think I’ve always had a streak of idealism.  But as for hell, it didn’t make much … Continue reading

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Private Solemnity, Publicly Expressed

The just-announced decision of the Supreme Court in the Westboro Baptist Church case is a bad one, in my opinion.  I think the behavior of Phelps’ group violates families’ fourth-amendment rights to be “secure in their persons” and is not … Continue reading

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A Cultural Journey

The persistence of the USS Enterprise scandal as a public topic is evidence that there is something profound in it, something that goes beyond the job assignment at its heart.  In my opinion that something is the changing nature of … Continue reading

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