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This post by Serenity is the best summation of the gun conundrum that I’ve seen.

Serenity is a fuzzy belly

No need to get all fancy with a quill. But please, if you handwrite your letter, it must be legible to sober people who aren’t related to you. And if you send it as an attachment, please make sure it’s not a PDF or image file (though I prefer letters in the body of the message instead of as an attachment). Image found on Times Higher Education.

Occasionally I’ll get a letter from a reader that needs to be answered in a column. Last week, I received this letter from Carolyn Johnson of Little Rock:

According to the guidelines for having a letter published in the Democrat-Gazette, ”Statements of fact are checked for accuracy.” With that in mind, I wish to call to your attention a letter that was published on Saturday, May 21.

While the vast majority of the letter consisted of opinions and voting recommendations made by the…

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