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Shaving Is Not A Waste of Time

I like writing but I would probably not be a very good journalist.  Why?  Deadlines.  Every day starts with blank paper that has to be filled, and that clock never stops ticking.  Tick, tick, tick . . .  Man, that … Continue reading

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Decisions, Decisions

The Erstwhile Conservative, Anson Burlingame, and I have been debating the moral aspects of the Civil War in response to one of the E.C.’s posts, “The Romance of Rebellion”.   We have beaten the topic up pretty well, but the … Continue reading

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Flash. This Just In!

Well, I feel a lot better now.  Pope Benedict XVI has been brimming with information and assurances lately.  According to the AP he has come out firmly deploring “. . . hunger, disease, war and violence.”  He’s also against poverty and … Continue reading

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Make My Day, Sweathogs!

Local blogger, Duane Graham, “The Erstwhile Conservative”, recently posted on government involvement in education, raising interesting points that deserve a public conversation. While I do not believe that unionization is good for the education profession, teachers have my full sympathy.  … Continue reading

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A friend of mine just sent me an interesting video on testimony about gun control, which I supply here.  (According to Google Videos, it is 3 years old.)   Dr. Gratia-Hupp’s testimony is compelling and articulate.  She had obviously told … Continue reading

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I was gone for about an hour Wednesday.  I have no idea where I went and no memory whatsoever of the time lost, although I do have testimony from others about the missing hour.  They assure me that I did not disappear. … Continue reading

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An Infernal Development

I don’t think I ever believed in hell.  When I was young I didn’t think much about dying, but religion did interest me.  I think I’ve always had a streak of idealism.  But as for hell, it didn’t make much … Continue reading

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Stayin’ Awake

News of seven air controllers falling asleep on the job recently causes me to reflect on my sleep-deprived Navy career.  Going with too little sleep is par for the course in the Navy, part necessity and part tradition.  Running a … Continue reading

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The Arab Street

The Libyan Affair continues to look more and more like an unresolvable morass, and the United States like a sucker for having dipped its military toe into a pool of tar.  The AP reports today that NATO is agreed that … Continue reading

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Things People Know That Aren’t So

Here’s my list, in no particular order.  Challenge it if you like, but it’s one I’m confident of.  I submit that, backed by 7 decades of experience and two degrees, it is at least worth a read. CEO salaries need to … Continue reading

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