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The Demise of Ink?

I’ve been something of a news junkie all my life. Even when I was in high school I signed up for journalism class and was editorialist for my school newspaper, not that I knew what I was doing of course. … Continue reading

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Gas Prices Bad For The Economy!

Headlines seem to be a bit like movie titles.  I understand there is no prohibition or law against using a movie title that has been used before, and I think book titles are the same.  Similarly, headlines are apparently made … Continue reading

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Tilting At Wordmills

Two fine articles in Sunday’s (1/16/11) Joplin Globe about Mark Twain and his Huckleberry Finn controversy over the “n” word now have the windmills of my mind in a whirl. Words. What power they have, and what danger they hold.  … Continue reading

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Paean to the Fourth Estate

Few should disagree that the 112th Congress is now embarking on what may be gridlock so severe that the nation may be seriously damaged.  The economy is still shaky and on the knife-edge of either recovery or a double-dip recession, … Continue reading

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Journalists: Outreach This, Jones!

What a flap.  Pastor Terry Jones of the “Dove Worldwide Outreach” has got himself some big-time attention, hasn’t he? The Erstwhile Conservative has posted a tongue-in-cheek opinion about fundamentalist Christian pastor Terry Jones’ plan to burn Qur’ans, the gist of … Continue reading

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