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What does science have to say about man’s tendency to violence? That is the subject of the latest episode of PBS’s NOVA program. Surprisingly, someone has found a way to quantify episodes of violence throughout history by statistical analysis of … Continue reading

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Good Writing

As an example of good writing I offer the following short essay by a favorite author, Lee Child. Titled Telling Tales, it is from the New Yorker magazine’s online newsletter and it struck me as a little masterpiece. Its candor … Continue reading

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Make America What Again?

Prime among the apparent reasons for the political ascent of the phenomenon of Donald Trump is his theme of “Make America Great Again.” This has captured a populist revulsion for the ethnic and cultural changes that have been trending for … Continue reading

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Artistic Genius?

I don’t get it.  I just don’t.  My inner curmudgeon demands expression. The artist formerly and lately known as Prince is being hailed, almost universally it seems, as a musical genius.  Admittedly, I’ve only listened to samples randomly encountered, but … Continue reading

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Measuring Up, Plan or Plot?

How does a parent measure a dose of liquid medicine for her child when the label says, give child ¾ teaspoonful by mouth twice a day for 5 days ? This was the real-life example used in a report by … Continue reading

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There, I feel much better now!

We humans are unique in being capable of abstract thought, and critical to that process is language.  Spoken language preceded the written form but writing has added a wealth of complexity, and capability.  If there is to be hope for … Continue reading

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Hooked in America

I just read an article by Nick Wing pointing out that the United States puts a greater percentage of its population in jail than any other OECD country. The OECD distinction excludes a number of countries that have poor regard … Continue reading

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