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Changing The World

The Joplin Globe editorial page always has a quote of some kind and today’s, which is from one of my heroes, struck me as particularly descriptive of . . . me. I get up every morning determined to both change … Continue reading

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Apples and Oranges, Onus Added

There was a nice tribute to outgoing General Petraeus in the Joplin Globe this morning. The editors extended him a well-deserved “atta-boy” as he leaves Afghanistan to assume duties as CIA chief. There’s no question that he is a tough, … Continue reading

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Hey Doc, Is There A Generic For This?

What is the most profitable of all industries in the country?  Before I looked it up I might have said electronics or movies, or maybe even computer games.  But no, I won’t keep you in suspense, Dear Reader.  It is … Continue reading

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The Blame Game

  The contentious debate in Washington over raising the debt ceiling causes me to wonder anew about why capable people would want to be politicians.  Ego has to be a huge part of it, from my observations, but every once … Continue reading

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Into The Abyss

A balanced but alarming Time Magazine  editorial led off saying today, As the U.S. hurtles toward a potential debt-limit default that would shake the fragile economy, the chasm between the two parties widened on Tuesday, as Republican opposition to tax increases … Continue reading

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The Oppression of Productivity

Not withstanding a recent and maligned attempt at humor on my part, the impasse between Conservatives and Liberals on the fiscal crisis grows ever more serious.  Now, my favorite moderate, David Gergen, has chimed in to wax pessimistic over the … Continue reading

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A Spender’s Memoir

Consumers know that it is psychologically easier to spend with plastic than it is with cash.  Cash seems more real, does it not?  Why is that?  I would say that the difference is the time factor.  With cash, the money … Continue reading

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The Art Of Politics

What do art and politics have in common?  Well, I would say it is human nature, and basely speaking, it is also money. My blogging friend Indiana Jen recently posted that even abstract art like that of Jackson Pollock, which … Continue reading

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A Demagogue’s Armory

With gratitude and partial credit to Gene Lyons, and thanks to Wikipedia, now let us bloggers gird our loins for the political season which is upon us.  A full demagogic press is in order by both sides as they attempt … Continue reading

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