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An Engineer Comments On Medical Errors

Medical errors? Surely not YOUR hospital! Surely not YOUR doctor! What is your experience in Joplin? Continue reading

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What Are Sales Taxes? — Death By A Thousand Cuts?

Sales taxes sprout like weeds. Every little cause wants it’s cut, but are the cuts painless? Voters must judge. Continue reading

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Accountability in America has been in decline for decades and the decline appears to be accelerating. Examples abound. On December 9 it was announced that 5 TSA (federal) employees, all unnamed, were placed on administrative leave (i.e., with pay) because … Continue reading

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Is Afghanistan the Next Viet Nam?

Every war needs an exit strategy. Do we really have one in Afghanistan? Continue reading

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Devolution of Culture?

Grammar, spelling and pronunciation have declined in American culture, and the change is accelerating. Does it matter? Continue reading

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