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Who Will Guard The Guards?

A Globe editorial today (4/28/2010) commenting on “Financial Reform” questions, among other things, whether the bill under debate ought to “create a (financial system) consumer protection agency”, adding, “We thought we already had several of those.”  This is a point … Continue reading

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Tribes and Crazy People

Was Timothy McVeigh crazy? What tribe was he from? Continue reading

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Jim’s Reverse Time Capsule

I was contacted by my great-great grandson from the future and he gave me a time capsule for sending a one-time, one-way message to myself, the young Jim Wheeler. I was given only one hour to draft it before the privilege expired. Continue reading

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Joplin Museum – Rich or Poor?

Does the Joplin Museum have a lot of money? Continue reading

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What Color Am I Today?

Today’s Joplin Globe carries Gene Lyons’ column, as it often does.  In it he comments on verbal sniping by “the right” because half of all households pay no income tax (headline).  He calls the snipers’ complaints, “hypocritical”, and he makes … Continue reading

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Blown Away By A Book?

I have always been a bookworm.  If you are a bibliophile too, you will probably want to read further, because this is about a book that is a truly exceptional achievement. Sixty years ago, when I was in the 7th … Continue reading

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To Boldly Go – Where Ever?

What are we to make of the Obama administration’s change of direction in manned space programs? This is a subject I am unsure of. The question not only involves science, but national pride and a big dose of politics. Continue reading

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