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The Final Frontier?

I am indebted to Indiana Jen for reminding us of the one-hundredth anniversary of Robert Falcon Scott‘s fatal expedition to the South Pole. Scott’s poignant last written words were found frozen beneath his arm eight months after his demise. There appears … Continue reading

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China Redux?

A major meme driving conservatives’ disparagement, nay hatred, of Obamacare, is that it is a socialistic approach to medicine, something that is ruining “the greatest healthcare system in the world” by turning competitive businesses (the medical industrial complex) into a … Continue reading

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The Medical Contract

I read a George Will column on the Supreme Court’s review of the ACA in this morning’s Joplin Globe that prompted me to submit a letter to the editor. With apologies to those readers who have endured my essays on … Continue reading

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Little Things Mean A Lot

In reading my morning Joplin Globe my eye was caught by two seemingly unrelated articles, subjects I later realized had a certain aspect of human nature in common. Most readers will recall that Joplin Missouri was hit by a record-breaking EF-5 tornado … Continue reading

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Mitt and Me, a Jazz Age Comparison

I’ve been thinking about money lately. Well, that’s not quite right.  Said more accurately, about the wealthy. There’s been a a lot of talk of course about the 1% versus the 99% and the growing income gulf between the haves … Continue reading

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Sorry Jean Luc, We’re Stuck At Warp One!

I have had a lifelong interest in science and reading in general. As a youth, thanks to Andrew Carnegie and public libraries, I devoured all the science-related material I could find. It may have begun with Tom Swift, I can’t … Continue reading

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The Isle of Freedom

About 160 years ago, even as the Industrial Revolution was getting underway, a monumental and historic economic catastrophe occurred across the sea in Ireland. Like a slow motion train wreck, predictable and terrible in its effects, failure finally came to … Continue reading

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