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Fish or Cut Bait?

With the Obama administration giving every sign of intending to use military force against Syria, the nation is once again faced with the differing opinions about the War Powers Resolution of 1973. The Wikipedia page on that states this at … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Whatever Works:
(George Packer has a chat.) UPDATE : Dearest readers, as much as I’d like to lay claim to the words that follow, I cannot. They aren’t mine. The ‘dialogue’ here is from George Packer at The…

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Delbert Belton, 88. R.I.P.

Two stories of late have caused me to reflect deeply on the condition of young people in this country. The first was the wanton killing of a 22-year-old college student in Oklahoma by three teen-aged boys who were motivated by … Continue reading

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Hooked in America

I just read an article by Nick Wing pointing out that the United States puts a greater percentage of its population in jail than any other OECD country. The OECD distinction excludes a number of countries that have poor regard … Continue reading

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Eighth-grader Thomas Hurley III knew the right answer, er, question, in his Jeopardy round was Emancipation Proclamation, but he misspelled it and lost some three thousand dollars. He added an extra “t”, making it “emanciptation”. Oops. When I first heard … Continue reading

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Penmanship, Through the Looking Glass

Cursive handwriting is, I submit, linked significantly to the human brain. Logic might indicate that it is simply a pattern reflecting thought unique to a particular brain but my own experience leads me to conclude that handwriting is a complete … Continue reading

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The Demise of Ink?

I’ve been something of a news junkie all my life. Even when I was in high school I signed up for journalism class and was editorialist for my school newspaper, not that I knew what I was doing of course. … Continue reading

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