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Measuring Up, Plan or Plot?

How does a parent measure a dose of liquid medicine for her child when the label says, give child ¾ teaspoonful by mouth twice a day for 5 days ? This was the real-life example used in a report by … Continue reading

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Reflections on Fried Chicken

As fellow blogger Pied Type noted this morning, NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg has done a significant thing by banning sugary drink sizes larger than 16 ounces. Pied Type doesn’t like this interference in private affairs at all.  I for one … Continue reading

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Overreacting In Tornado Alley

Have you noticed?  Government tends to become overprotective when public safety is the issue. I am all for reasonable efforts but there is an ongoing campaign in Joplin Missouri now that is over the top and misguided, in my opinion. … Continue reading

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What Role, Government?

When human beings were hunter-gatherers living in small tribes, life was simple.  There was no need for the concept of money and possessions were limited to what one could carry – tools, weapons, animal skins, maybe some crockery. This state … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Andy Rooney

Have you noticed how the fine print is getting ever longer and finer in just about every purchase contract? Almost everyone has surely experienced clicking OK on lengthy terms and conditions windows when downloading software. Have you ever read all … Continue reading

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An Indelible Driving Lesson

Several years ago my wife and I decided to take a mini-vacation by car to Fort Worth to see a museum exhibit of Egyptian artifacts, and it was fun. We stayed overnight, saw the exhibit and set off for home … Continue reading

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