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Trump U

It is clear to me, this far into the primary election season, that it is no longer possible to get much substance out of most candidates. However, humor abounds. I just wanted to share with you, dear reader, an insightful … Continue reading

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Where’s Globocop?

I just sent this letter to the editor of our local paper in reaction to a letter by Geoff Caldwell.   Globe columnist Geoff Caldwell (March 20, 2016) echoes The Economist journal in asking, “Where is Globocop?” His concern is the … Continue reading

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As flaps go, the one about Hillary Clinton’s classified emails is one for the history books.  It might even be pivotal in the general election.  But how many people actually understand the nature of the problem?  Not many, I submit. … Continue reading

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10 Unbelievably Great Features Of Donald Trump’s Terrific Health Care Reform Plan

Originally posted on List of X:
“My health care reform will be so great it will make your head spin, and then it will heal your head right away because my plan is just so unbelievably great!” This week, the leading…

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