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An Affair To Remember

The Libyan Affair continues to evolve.  I believe it to be an historic precedent in warfare, but whether for good or bad is yet unclear.  But whatever the outcome I am resigned that here in the continuing nuclear age some … Continue reading

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What Would George Say About Egypt?

How should America behave as the Arab world erupts in apparent chaos?  Al Qaeda, a.k.a. Islamic fundamentalism, is our enemy, and countering it and its ideas is the challenge we face. Anson Burlingame, my fellow Joplin blogger, in a recent … Continue reading

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Left Behind?

In a recent speech at Lincoln University 34-year Congressional veteran and long-time military champion Ike Skelton, D-MO, expressed a concern that as 9/11 fades in the American consciousness, “It could come to pass that the American military could become isolated … Continue reading

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A State of Denial, in Haiku

The book “State of Denial” by Bob Woodward, the story of the George W. Bush presidency and the Iraq war, is one of the most remarkable histories I have ever read. It is a work of great effort and meticulous, … Continue reading

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Today’s Joplin Globe editorial (11/12/10) on “National Security” opines that in combating Islamic jihad, military power in the form of a “war on terror” has “. . . not worked to the degree necessary.”  Instead, the editorialist suggests that, “If … Continue reading

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“Barack Obama had to be taught how to salute.”

This aspersion was cast recently in a blog comment, and it was true.  IMO, this kind of comment is a denigrating reference to the President’s lack of personal military experience and it could have come from Rush Limbaugh.  (But it … Continue reading

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Is the CIA Reading My Blog?

Now, maybe we’re getting some progress in this Afghan “war”, or at least a ray of hope. CNN online today (9/22/10) references a new book by reporter Bob Woodward and reports some interesting stuff.   First of all, the CIA has “. … Continue reading

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