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Want to Understand Islam?

What with all the hysteria over terrorism in this political season, I found it satisfying to find this straightforward explanation published in the Washington Post by professor of religions at Georgetown University  John L. Esposito onSunday, July 22, 2007. Nearly half … Continue reading

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Ban That Movie!!

A podcast piqued my curiosity while I was at the gym this morning. It was the latest in a unique on-going NPR series entitled “Stuff You Should Know”.  I was a little put off by the format when I first … Continue reading

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What Would George Say About Egypt?

How should America behave as the Arab world erupts in apparent chaos?  Al Qaeda, a.k.a. Islamic fundamentalism, is our enemy, and countering it and its ideas is the challenge we face. Anson Burlingame, my fellow Joplin blogger, in a recent … Continue reading

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Today’s Joplin Globe editorial (11/12/10) on “National Security” opines that in combating Islamic jihad, military power in the form of a “war on terror” has “. . . not worked to the degree necessary.”  Instead, the editorialist suggests that, “If … Continue reading

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Face Of The Enemy

Has the nature of “war” changed?  Is “war” different now from what it was in WWII?  Is patriotism always “good”?  When a nation goes to war with selfish intent, to what extent are its citizens complicit?  These are important questions … Continue reading

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Honor Bound?

A recent posting by Anson Burlingame, Captain, USN (Ret.) about an honor issue at the U. S. Naval Academy prompts me to discuss it, but in a broader context.  Anson’s post, “Another Senior Officer in Trouble” is HERE. It is … Continue reading

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What’s In A Word?

This appeared in the June 15 edition of USA Today: STATE DEPT. SAYS IT NEEDS OWN COMBAT FORCE IN IRAQ – the Associated Press WASHINGTON — “The State Department says its diplomatic staff will not be safe after the American … Continue reading

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