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Skinning Cats

Yesterday I commented on a post by Anson Burlingame on the subject of education in America.  The gist of my opinion on what’s wrong with it was that our system fails to engage parents well and, more importantly, fails to … Continue reading

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Money and Human Behavior

According to an article in the paper today, with heating bills coming to some $150 million a year Queen Elizabeth II had some of her minions casting about for some additional funds to help heat her drafty old palaces.  Says … Continue reading

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“Barack Obama had to be taught how to salute.”

This aspersion was cast recently in a blog comment, and it was true.  IMO, this kind of comment is a denigrating reference to the President’s lack of personal military experience and it could have come from Rush Limbaugh.  (But it … Continue reading

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Is the CIA Reading My Blog?

Now, maybe we’re getting some progress in this Afghan “war”, or at least a ray of hope. CNN online today (9/22/10) references a new book by reporter Bob Woodward and reports some interesting stuff.   First of all, the CIA has “. … Continue reading

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When I Grow Up . . .

USA Today has a feature that delivers little data mints that occasionally flavor one’s taste for our changing culture.  It’s called, “Snapshots”, and features opinion polls and other samplings.  In the 9/21/10 edition it was “‘Dream Jobs’ that top our … Continue reading

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Face Of The Enemy

Has the nature of “war” changed?  Is “war” different now from what it was in WWII?  Is patriotism always “good”?  When a nation goes to war with selfish intent, to what extent are its citizens complicit?  These are important questions … Continue reading

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Journalists: Outreach This, Jones!

What a flap.  Pastor Terry Jones of the “Dove Worldwide Outreach” has got himself some big-time attention, hasn’t he? The Erstwhile Conservative has posted a tongue-in-cheek opinion about fundamentalist Christian pastor Terry Jones’ plan to burn Qur’ans, the gist of … Continue reading

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American Dream, Dismal Science

Economics is sometimes called “The Dismal Science”, and for good reason.  One president, Harry S Truman, kept getting evasive and contradictory advice from an economist who kept offering alternatives with his advice.  After almost every assertion the professor would then … Continue reading

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