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A Dangerous Friend

Real rage is pretty rare.  If you have witnessed it you won’t forget it. I don’t even remember what set him off, this friend and fellow worker of mine.  He had a stressful job.  It was in quality-assurance, a job … Continue reading

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Taxing On Your Heart

On May 25, 2010, the Center for Science in the Public Interest released its annual XTREME EATING AWARDS.  At the top of the calorie chart was The Cheesecake Factory’s Pasta Carbonara at 2,500 calories and 85 grams of saturated fat.  … Continue reading

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Private Pay Shrinks As Gov’t Payouts Rise

As the stock market plunges, the Gulf oil seeps, Korea steams and the E.U. recriminates, comes the above timely headline from this article in USA Today.  It has a distinctly Grecian ring to it.  The ratio is historic.  One economist calls … Continue reading

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Living In Debt – A Song of Immorality

The whole world is floundering in debt.  Greece barely has its nostrils above water and the U.S. markets plunged 4% in one day because of worries that the rest of Europe may follow.  Meanwhile, large numbers of Americans are underwater … Continue reading

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Welcome to Gadfly Economics.  (Warning – I am not a real economist.) Having wandered through the blogosphere now for a little over a month I now believe I have identified our basic economic problem.  Government, mainly federal, spends too much.  … Continue reading

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Mere Humans

(This article is being submitted for publication in the Joplin Globe.) Mr. Riley T. Jay in Sunday’s (5/16/2010) Globe guest editorial takes issue with the reality of the whole “global-warming notion.”  He states that modern society has a “. . … Continue reading

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Some Assembly Required

For my 6-year-old grandson’s birthday we bought him a basketball hoop.  Kiefer is naturally coordinated and we thought it would be practically a necessity to get him one.  A trip to our large, 24-hour-sell-everything-retail-store revealed half a dozen different models … Continue reading

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Everett Dirksen, Redux

A Congressman and Senator from Illinois for over three decades, Everett Dirksen occasionally tried, in the largely-unsuccessful GOP tradition, to hold down government spending.  During debate on a contentious spending bill he is said to have quipped (oozing sarcasm from … Continue reading

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Beware of Greeks Bearing . . . Bonds!

For update of 5/10/2010, see next-to-last para. Greece is in a world of financial hurt that is affecting the world economy.  How it got there is turning into a teachable moment.  ABC News last night (5/5/2010) characterized their plight as … Continue reading

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If Animals Evolve, Can Thinking?

Attention: Texas School Board.  Evolution is real. An article in USA Today (5/4/2010, p. 4D), “Mosquitoes inherit tolerance to DEET” reports that, “When female mosquitoes known to be DEET-insensitive were bred with males whose sensitivity wasn’t known, the proportion of … Continue reading

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