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How Gratifying!

In today’s (11/27/10) Globe, Morton Kondracke likens the imminent entitlement-debt crisis to the Cold War and muses that to combat it President Obama will need to “scare the hell out of the American people”, like Harry Truman did in 1947.  … Continue reading

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The Naked Truth

In Saturday’s Joplin Globe (11/20/10) columnist Jay Ambrose says he has a problem with how the U.S. is handling anti-terrorism security, and I agree with him.  He sensibly points out that the new screening methods for airline passengers are controversial … Continue reading

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Left Behind?

In a recent speech at Lincoln University 34-year Congressional veteran and long-time military champion Ike Skelton, D-MO, expressed a concern that as 9/11 fades in the American consciousness, “It could come to pass that the American military could become isolated … Continue reading

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A State of Denial, in Haiku

The book “State of Denial” by Bob Woodward, the story of the George W. Bush presidency and the Iraq war, is one of the most remarkable histories I have ever read. It is a work of great effort and meticulous, … Continue reading

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Today’s Joplin Globe editorial (11/12/10) on “National Security” opines that in combating Islamic jihad, military power in the form of a “war on terror” has “. . . not worked to the degree necessary.”  Instead, the editorialist suggests that, “If … Continue reading

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Please, Stop Me Before I Do It Again!

Today’s (11/04/10) Joplin Globe is right about San Francisco and Happy Meals.  The junk food is outrageously fattening and bad for kids, but I have to agree that making government (San Francisco) tell a company (McDonald’s) what not to market … Continue reading

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Statistical Jousting

Fellow “community blogger” Geoff Caldwell recently posted under the title, “D.B. Graham or, who do you trust?” an interesting chart of Gallup polls on political ideology trends over the past 18 years.  The issue of the post, as best … Continue reading

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How Are You Voting, Dad?

Two of my sons also live in Missouri and asked me how I’m going to vote tomorrow.  I thought I would share my reply to them with my fellow bloggers, so here it is: Blunt/Carnahan (Senate):  Close call.  The GOP … Continue reading

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