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Flip That Bank!

In political blogging about the Great Recession it is a common thread to find someone or something to blame.  Amidst all the mud-slinging and counter-arguing the easiest thing for the beleaguered voter to do is to blame the president.  He … Continue reading

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Dutch Sandwich, Anyone? Yum, Yum

According to ABC News Friday evening, reporting on research by Bloomberg writer Jesse Drucker, Google, Microsoft and other corporations are using a financial strategy called the “Dutch sandwich” to legally avoid corporate taxes in the United States.  ABC News said … Continue reading

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Graybeard Reflections

One of the benefits of retirement is having the time and inclination to reflect on the human condition.  When I was still working life was pretty much a cycle of work-related concerns interwoven with welcome family time.  Entertainment and sleep … Continue reading

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A Challenge For The GOP

A perfect storm of healthcare crisis has descended on us.  Right in the midst of the Great Recession the baby boomers have begun to retire at the same time as the obesity epidemic blooms, portending an explosion of heart disease … Continue reading

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Heroism – What Is It?

In trading blog posts with me recently, fellow blogger Captain Anson Burlingame used the phrase, “heroic military leadership”, and he mentioned possibly applying it to General Franks, a man who planned and executed the invasion part of the Gulf War … Continue reading

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An Honorable Man

In my recent post, Obama’s Wars, A Book Report,   I commented on the contributions of various top officials, including Thomas E. Gates, the Secretary of Defense.  In the context of passionate discussions over war strategies past, current and future, … Continue reading

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Religious Freedom in America, or Why School History Books Stink

There was a massacre of an entire wagon train, about 120 Christian men, women and children on 9/11.  The “Mountain Meadows Massacre” was committed in 1857 by Christians of a different sect, Mormons.  This might seem bizarre, but historically speaking … Continue reading

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