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As flaps go, the one about Hillary Clinton’s classified emails is one for the history books.  It might even be pivotal in the general election.  But how many people actually understand the nature of the problem?  Not many, I submit. … Continue reading

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A Cultural Journey

The persistence of the USS Enterprise scandal as a public topic is evidence that there is something profound in it, something that goes beyond the job assignment at its heart.  In my opinion that something is the changing nature of … Continue reading

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War: What If?

Anson Burlingame, fellow blogger, retired Navy Captain, ex-nuclear-submarine skipper, has proposed an online discussion of the nature of war, with the context being America’s controversial strategy for the Afghan War. As an opening post for a continuing discussion of indeterminate … Continue reading

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Face Of The Enemy

Has the nature of “war” changed?  Is “war” different now from what it was in WWII?  Is patriotism always “good”?  When a nation goes to war with selfish intent, to what extent are its citizens complicit?  These are important questions … Continue reading

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A Dangerous Friend

Real rage is pretty rare.  If you have witnessed it you won’t forget it. I don’t even remember what set him off, this friend and fellow worker of mine.  He had a stressful job.  It was in quality-assurance, a job … Continue reading

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