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Nuclear Possibilities

A discussion on a previous blog got some of us into discussing changing military technologies. The subject then was naval navigation, the prevention of ships going aground and what might happen if something, perhaps like a solar flare, took out … Continue reading

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Historical Adventure in the Confederate Navy

  A recent post by my blogging friend Indiana Jen inspired me to think about history, seamanship and careers. In it she recommends what turns out to be an outstanding article in Archaeology Magazine about a shipwreck a few hundred … Continue reading

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Extreme Positions

My blogging colleague, The Erstwhile Conservative, posted a summary of provocative statements and positions by conservative candidates, one which, to me, begs the question, “Why should serious contenders for the Presidential nomination be so far outside the mainstream of political … Continue reading

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Healthcare Enlightenment

Here is another update on the high cost of American healthcare, for those of you who subscribed or commented on “A Simple Picture”. You see, I have had it pointed out to me twice now on other blogs by a … Continue reading

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Morality and Secrecy in War

A moving Veterans’ Day story by Joplin Globe editor Carol Stark stirred in me memories and thoughts about my own service during the Vietnam War and the Cold War, the reason being a connection with submarines. Carol told about local … Continue reading

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A Dental Memoir

Here in the year 2011 it is easy to forget just how different life is than just a few generations ago. I was reminded of this when Indiana Jen posted on the 1887 anniversary of the death of a famous … Continue reading

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Problem Productivity

When I recently delved into the problem of productivity, i.e., producing more with fewer people, the Erstwhile Conservative, Duane Graham, produced a survey of the literature in a remarkably short period of time, one which indicates that many smart people … Continue reading

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Have I Got A Deal For You!

Sometimes it can be amusing to take a trip back in time and reflect on life’s experiences. That has got to be of general interest, right? Otherwise, how to explain Andy Rooney’s popularity over the years? (I can almost hear … Continue reading

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Swift Engineering

I’ve always liked to know how stuff works. As a boy in the 1940’s I gobbled up all the Tom Swift books and avidly followed the latest designs of airplanes and ships coming out of the world war. I was … Continue reading

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Politics and Faith

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof….” – from the First Amendment to the Constitution Never before in my lifetime of over seven decades do I recall the intersection of religion … Continue reading

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