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Do You Trust The Government?

The lead sentence on this morning’s Globe editorial jumped off the page at me this morning. “Do you trust government?” Well, how appropriate I thought. In this second-term silly season of distracting bogus scandals, what could be more to the … Continue reading

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Financial Reputations

Americas have a continuing love/hate relationship with government.  On the one hand we hate to be told what to do, but on the other we like to have someone in a neutral corner to arbitrate disputes in the interest of … Continue reading

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Private Solemnity, Publicly Expressed

The just-announced decision of the Supreme Court in the Westboro Baptist Church case is a bad one, in my opinion.  I think the behavior of Phelps’ group violates families’ fourth-amendment rights to be “secure in their persons” and is not … Continue reading

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The Quiet Price of Advice

One common thread running through my prior post and the comments thereto, the one on using the Passport Card to better control our borders, is the issue of “privacy”.  Discussing such concerns invariably raises the question of motivation for such … Continue reading

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