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Shooting For The Moon

I am dismayed to see how the GOP is imploding in the recent candidate debates. It is the most interesting development in politics that I can remember. The wide variance among the four candidates is amazing, from this healthcare issue … Continue reading

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What Role, Government?

When human beings were hunter-gatherers living in small tribes, life was simple.  There was no need for the concept of money and possessions were limited to what one could carry – tools, weapons, animal skins, maybe some crockery. This state … Continue reading

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Hospitality Customers

Originally posted on Helen of Marlowe's Blog:
Have we abandoned the idea that words have meaning? In our local paper yesterday, in a story about Target being refurbished, the local “executive manager of logistics” is quoted as saying, “……

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Echoes of History . . .

The Erstwhile Conservative has cogently called attention to the political dust-up over Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions and its threat to Middle East instability. GOP presidential candidates are, with a Libertarian exception, waxing bellicose. There is ample historical precedent here. The easiest … Continue reading

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Observations On CSS H. L. Hunley, A Milestone

Indiana Jen has posted an interesting update on the preservation and restoration of the Confederate submarine CSS Hunley. Interestingly, Hunley is still going to be kept under (fresh) water. The use of water as a preservative against corrosion may seem … Continue reading

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The Voting Majority

George Will is not my favorite columnist, but I do like to read his commentary. If one can get past his pedantic vocabulary there is always actual reasoning that bears consideration. George never uses a small word when a large … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Andy Rooney

Have you noticed how the fine print is getting ever longer and finer in just about every purchase contract? Almost everyone has surely experienced clicking OK on lengthy terms and conditions windows when downloading software. Have you ever read all … Continue reading

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Tinkering As Progress

The more things change, the more they are the same. – Alphonse Karr I was prompted to look up the source of that adage a couple of days ago when I received notice that my December military retirement check would … Continue reading

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