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A Medical Glimmer

The largest problem for America right now is not terrorists threatening to kill Americans, like they killed three thousand Americans 10 years ago. (In 2008, 39,000 Americans died in automobile accidents.) No, the biggest problem is economics, a.k.a., debt. And, … Continue reading

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What Did Elvis Know?

In Wednesday’s (8/24/2011) USA Today paper a writer proposed something interesting. She said, The upcoming dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial on Sunday — the 48th anniversary of King’s epochal “I Have a Dream” speech — provides … Continue reading

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Profit Rules

Judging by ads one would think that the drug companies are all about saving lives and improving the health of all human beings. One would be wrong. While it’s true that drug discoveries have greatly improved the effectiveness of treating … Continue reading

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One Ugly Elephant

In grappling with the healthcare problem, what USA Today editors called the “single biggest threat to America’s economic future”, I sometimes feel like the proverbial blind man trying to describe an elephant. As I mentioned in my last post, I … Continue reading

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A Chicken Solution

Economics has dominated the Joplin Globe blogs and other media lately, especially since the debt-ceiling crisis. The debt crisis is not over, of course. The Congressional SuperCommittee consists of partisan hardliners for the most part and is unlikely to come … Continue reading

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Eat Your Heart Out, Tom Clancy!

As a career naval officer and submariner I am familiar with both conventional and nuclear-powered submarines and I can honestly say that Tom Clancy’s first novel in 1984, The Hunt for Red October, seriously impressed me with the depth of … Continue reading

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Saving Medicare?

As readers of my blog will know, I had despaired that the Medicare cost problem could be solved by any other way than going to a socialized European/Canadian system. But I just read a plan that just might be a … Continue reading

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Soft Truth or Hard Truth? Take Your Pick.

I submitted a letter to the Joplin Globe editor this week.  It hasn’t run yet and of course I can’t be sure it will, but it says something simple about the debt crisis that I think is worth repeating, so … Continue reading

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A Terribly Taxing Subject

The Erstwhile Conservative has performed a good service for us on his recent blog, Are The Rich Taxed Enough?, by analyzing the issue of taxes (of all kinds) and their burden on the different income segments of society. I started … Continue reading

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An Historic Failure

My conservative blogging colleague, Anson Burlingame, called my attention to an article in todays Washington Post, Origins of the debt showdown. I did find it “instructive”, as he suggested I would. It is a good chronology of how Tea Party … Continue reading

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