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An Un-mined Gem

In cleaning up my in-box, a nigh-hopeless task these days, I came across an outstanding essay by fellow blogger Duane Graham, and was surprised to see that it had garnered no comments.  Now it well might be because it is … Continue reading

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A Man In The Street Interview

In clearing off my desk this day after Christmas I came across a note I had made to myself on a napkin some two weeks ago while watching MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show. I recall thinking at the time that her … Continue reading

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An Indelible Driving Lesson

Several years ago my wife and I decided to take a mini-vacation by car to Fort Worth to see a museum exhibit of Egyptian artifacts, and it was fun. We stayed overnight, saw the exhibit and set off for home … Continue reading

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A Solution To The Urchin Problem?

When I first saw a TV news item about Newt Gingrich’s advocating that children do some menial labor in school to teach them the merits of work and responsibility, my reaction was one of approval. I myself held part time … Continue reading

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Childhood Memoirs of Pearl Harbor

On that infamous day, December 7, 1941, I was almost 5 years old and my wife Mollie was almost 4. One doesn’t usually remember much from such an age and yet we both do because it was a time of … Continue reading

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On Civility

By now people who follow politics in the news are aware of the vast gulf dividing America’s two political parties. The verbal vitriol has gotten so thick and positions so entrenched that I fear the extremists would rather sacrifice the … Continue reading

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The Misunderstood Public Option

I was verbally jousting about health care on another blog recently when a commenter challenged my support for the Public Option. He charged that the PO would not reduce costs, that is unless I intended it to entail “rationing”. Surely, … Continue reading

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