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Odd thoughts go through my head: Woodrow Wilson’s enemy was the Kaiser Herbert Hoover’s enemy was economics FDR’s enemies were the axis powers HST’s enemy was communism Ike’s enemy was the USSR LBJ’s enemy was arrogance Nixon’s enemy was himself … Continue reading

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Rational Politics?

Today I heard a podcast on economics that was a followup to one I did some weeks ago. Recall if you will when the NPR guys got a half dozen different economists, liberal, conservative, libertarian, together and asked them for … Continue reading

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The Dismal Truth

Economics, the “dismal science”, is at the heart of our national political distress these days.  Each party has its version of what is right, but is either one what is best?  It isn’t, I know it isn’t, and on my … Continue reading

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Channelling my inner Andy Rooney, it seems to me that the messier and more contentious our politics gets, the bigger the egos. Hubris has been on full display lately. Don’t the names Newt Gingrich and Donal Trump resonate with that? … Continue reading

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Politics and Culture

I was motivated to think about politics, culture and the human condition this morning by two seemingly unrelated news items. Joplin’s Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School is a small, expensive private el-hi, attended for the most part by the children … Continue reading

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An Historical Paradigm

The Erstwhile Conservative has written an interesting post about an aspect of Mitt Romney’s character as revealed by his failures to correct unfair disparagements of his rival during political gatherings. A woman in one incident accused President Obama of “treason”. … Continue reading

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Tinkering As Progress

The more things change, the more they are the same. – Alphonse Karr I was prompted to look up the source of that adage a couple of days ago when I received notice that my December military retirement check would … Continue reading

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